The List

Names My Dad Could Use if He Suddenly Became A Hip Hop MC

Lil’ Jon Deere
Over 65 Boyz
100 Grand Pa
Napper’s Delight
Ben Gay
Buff A and the E-Lastik Waste Band
Soshul Sekkuritty
Blinka On
50 Cent? Back in my day we were lucky to get a dime.

English Pub or Venereal Disease?

The Queen’s Head
Three Cups
Plumbers Arms
The Rovers Return
Pig & Whistle
Crooked Billet
The Swan With Two Necks
Spread Eagle
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese
Bunch of Grapes
Horse & Hounds
Cock & Bottle
The Tally Ho
Green Man
Holly Bush

Bond Men if James Bond Was a Woman

Iva Biggun
Manny Sweetcheeks
Yuon Mekok
Gordon Onya
Juan Nitestand
Hardy Pounder
Colin Lingus
Richard Stiffens
Hugh Jorgensen
Nuke Beefslab
Penis Galore

2 responses to “The List

  1. Pubs in the South of England known to be named after STDs:

    The Balls Cross Arms
    The Burning Bush
    The Cock & Fountain
    The Hotspur
    The Toad in the Water
    The Sun in Splendour

  2. Ha! Briliant additions.

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