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The Base Camp Winter Boot Camp Workout Program

Boot Camp programs have multiplied at gyms across the country in recent years. For those of you who’ve been exercising under a rock or waiting in line for a Double Down at KFC, Boot Camps are exercise for people who hate it so much that the only way it becomes palatable is to get up at an ungodly hour and have someone yell at you. (If you don’t have those two elements, you are not at a boot camp. You are on a sweaty play date.) The results are supposed to be great, with most people experiencing an immediate weight loss in their wallets.

That’s why I’m thrilled right down to my electrolytes to announce the opening of Base Camp Winter Boot Camp. While not required, actual boots are highly recommended. Classes take place at the Base Camp Exercise Facility. Rather than a dreary old gym, its been designed to look like a single family suburban home, providing a comfortable setting with ample sidewalks and driveways. Classes are scheduled to take place after any accumulating snowfall and all workout equipment will be provided. It may look like a shovel, but it’s not. It’s actually an Ergonomic Weight Resistance Machine. Varying resistance is provided by a naturally occurring, biodegradable substance that provides a customized, ever-changing workout. You’ll elevate your heart rate while working both your upper and lower body, as well as the ever-important core and a few muscles that don’t have names yet. Feel the burn! Or it may just be frostbite.

A member enjoys his workout at our high-tech facility

Your instructor is someone with winters of experience in this activity himself and is eager to pass his knowledge on to you. For motivation he can either yell quotes from Successory posters or play interviews with the cast of Jersey Shore. Whichever motivates you to finish quicker.

In case of un-inclement weather, sessions will be held indoors and include a variety of work-out programs such as Vacuuming, Dusting, and Laundry Folding. All will push your limits of endurance and improve the look and shape of my living room substantially.

We still have openings for the remainder of our winter classes, so don’t delay in trying this great workout program. I’m sure you’ll find the rates to be less than what your local gym is charging. And be sure to look for our Summer Mowing and Autumn Raking Programs coming later in 2011.