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The Worst Part About Censorship is XXXXXXXXX

Where Base Camp stands…

ANTI-PIPA / SOPA: As someone whose career is making shit up, I’m worried about vague laws with near unlimited potential to make creativity, innovation and free speech a crime. Edumacate yourself here.

PRO-Pippa / Sopa: We find in favor of both sexy royals-in-laws and hot Mexican casseroles and urge you to do likewise. Carry on.

Most Dangerous Fireworks for 2011…

Richard Pryortechnics

The Whistlin’ Wizard of Eyegone

Boom Laden & The Talibang

It’s Raining Satan

Nipple Pinwheel

Sgt. Redneck’s Gas vs. Match

Deaf-Con 5

Lefty’s Funtime Armageddon in Your Hand

Napalm Sombrero

Garden of Earthly Explosions

Fannypack Nuke

Michael Vick’s Puppy Cannon

She Blinded Me With Magnesium

Have fun. Be safe. USA!