Hump Helper #6: Do you still giggle when someone says ‘yule log’?

Then you’ll love how cartoonist Mauricio Ricardo creates an amazing variety of characters built around drawings of naughty bits. You’ll never look at The Wizard of Id the same way again. Actually, shame on you for reading the Wizard of Id at all.

Still feeling like a corporate Sisyphus in the face of Wednesday? Here’s a few ways to help your hump while you’re sitting around stringing popcorn paperclip chains for your cube:

At 3pm CST, check out Base Camp Buddy Sean on Jeopardy. I’m not sure how he did, but Alex Trebek was hospitalized yesterday, so I take that at a good sign. Sean is wicked smart and he could have helped team ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ at Keegan’s pub trivia last night. (At least the craic was good.)

And if your music bone needs a new beat to get it bouncing again, check out the lovely (and intriguing) Lily as she hosts the hell out of the Power of Local Music Hour on Cities Live! Radio at 7pm CST. Local band Hazel Strange rocks your socks for a full sixty.

2 responses to “Hump Helper #6: Do you still giggle when someone says ‘yule log’?

  1. i have to say, my cube is looking dandy after this afternoons clip creations. since you were nice enough to plug my little radio show, maybe i’ll set aside some time to make some for Base Camp. 🙂

  2. That’s why you’re on the Phun Committee. Nice show. Would love to see the woman they named the band after.

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