Hump Helper #5: Head Rice

By now you’ve cleared the recesses of your fridge from the last tinfoiled and Tupperwared (Tupperworn?) remnants of the Thanksgiving feast. So you should be hankerin’ for a hunka Hump Helper. This week’s mid-week delight does deal with food though.

Click yourself on over to They’ll give you an ongoing list of words and for every one you guess the right definition of, the site’s sponsors will donate ten grains of rice to hungry children around the world. Unless they’re on the Atkins Plan. Then the starving kids get a free egg white. Or a Slim Jim.

The thing is, if your corpus collosum is truly colossal, you could do what the U.N., UNICEF, Bono and McDonald’s combined haven’t been able to do: eliminate Third World hunger. Don’t think ten grains per word is a lot? Pick up your copy of the OED (You are down with OED aren’t you?).

Now make like full-grown Jesus and start making that stuff multiply.

Bonus Link:

Yeti footprint found in Everest region. I knew I felt watched on the hike. Feast your squinties on the latest here.

2 responses to “Hump Helper #5: Head Rice

  1. That word test is a bitch! Intellectual vanity lures you in & then keeps you going until the ‘phone rings or darkness falls. Brilliant. Spread this around the chattering classes & world poverty would be eliminated in a single weekend.

  2. Shoot, man. I was hoping you’d be able to handle it alone. After all it’s your mother tongue.

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