So it begins like this…

Me: …and then we got stuck in a whorehouse by accident…

Dad: I’m sick of hearing about these trips. I want to do one of these adventures you keep talking about.

Me: How about we do something neither of us have done?

Dad: Fine. I want to do the hiking village to village kind of hike thing. Where you hike to villages.

Me: How about Ireland?

Dad: Uh…okay.

[Long pause]

Me: Unless you weren’t really serious?

Dad: I’m in. I’m in!

This Wednesday my Da and I board the mothership for a return to the fatherland. Green ol’ Eire. The Emrald Isle. Birthplace of Joyce, Yeats, Shaw, Guinness and Lucky Charms. He hasn’t been overseas since he was a big-eared, wide-eyed beanpole of a Navy man, so this should be a lot of fun.

In the interim make sure you visit the Base Camp Buddies Blogs. And for a read of something special from across the Pond, check out Dick Jones’ Patteran Pages at: Good stuff.

So keep on living right, showing kindness to your fellow man and always remember to stand your round. First pint of the black stuff is on me when I return. Slainte!


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